Kröner-Stärke launches ‘clean-label’ wheat protein range        

Leading European organic and ‘clean-label’ starch producer Kröner-Stärke has introduced a new range of clean label wheat proteins to the German and European market.

The range has been created to help food processors to respond to growing consumer demand for meat-free meal alternatives.

Kröner-Stärke’s Glutex B, produced from vital wheat gluten, is a texturised, firm wheat protein that gives a meat-like bite to vegetarian products.

Combining structure and texture control with protein enrichment, excellent consistency and binding properties, it is suitable for use in products ranging from, meatballs, burgers and vegetarian Bolognaise Sauce to ready meals.

Kröner-Stärke says that alongside boosting opportunities for the meat-free product market, “Vital Wheat Gluten can be a useful ingredient in meat products where a healthy version is required”. For example, when added to minced meat, for example, it helps to lower the fat content and hence reduce overall cholesterol levels. Vital Wheat Gluten boasts a good level of protein content, the minced meat product still provides the consumer with a good source of protein.

The company says that wheat proteins are also a good additive to sports nutrition/protein enriched products. They are said to be particularly suited to low carb protein foods like breads, where they can be used to boost the protein content.

Kröner-Stärke’s product development technician, Maren Wiese, commented: “We have developed a wide variety of wheat protein products that lend themselves perfectly to being incorporated in healthy, high-protein food ranges adhering to clean-label and vegan standards. Germany is leading the way with meat substitutes in Europe and is witnessing a steady rise in vegetarianism. Our wheat proteins are developed specifically to enable food manufacturers to diversify into high quality meat substitutes and bring added functionality and nutritional value to traditional favourites across the country and in Europe.”



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