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US GMO labelling law: A troubling tale of smiley faces, glaring omissions and bio-washing

The Organic Trade Association says it is “deeply disappointed” in the US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) final GMO labelling law, which was announced at the end of December.

Tall order: Emirates Airlines commissions $40m ‘better than organic’ vertical farm

Emirates Airlines has commissioned a US$40 million vertical farm to provide its passengers with fresh, pesticide-free salads and greens. It will be, in the words of Dubai’s ruler, Sheikh Mohammed, “better than organic”. Michael Wale has been to Dubai to find out more. 

Transitional organic certification scheme for US farmers launched

A new transitional certification programme for products from farmers who are in the process of becoming organic has been launched in the US.

Bolivia cacao trial shows benefits of agroforestry and organic combination

A long-term study in Bolivia comparing different cacao production systems shows that in addition to enhancing biodiversity as well as farmers’ food security and nutrition, agroforestry systems and organic management may also be more profitable than full-sun monocultures and conventional management in young cacao plantations.

Biodegradable packaging helps ‘product and packs speak the same language’

Finnish natural cosmetics brand specialist Naviter says that using biodegradable packaging means that its products and packs now "speak the same language". 

Double digit-growth takes Europe's organic sales to €33.5bn

The organic market in Europe recorded double-digit growth (11.4%) in 2016 to be worth €33.5 million, according to new data released yesterday at the Biofach event in Nuremberg.

Fairness is a core organic principle, IFOAM EU reminds Brussels legislators

Fairness has always been a core principle of organic agriculture, leading European advocacy group IFOAM EU has reminded Brussels legislators ahead of important discussions this month on unfair trading practices (UTPs).

‘Deforestation effect’ means organic is worse for the climate, Swedish researchers claim

Organically farmed food has a bigger climate impact than conventionally farmed food, due to the greater areas of land required and a resultant increase in deforestation globally. 

Capitalizing on EU organic grant is trade’s biggest opportunity

“Capitalizing on the Organic Trade Board’s recently secured EU grant, and working closely with them to get a thread of unification across the whole sector. I think that’s a really important thing for us as industry over the next few years.”

EU organic regulation review is at “a dead end”

The Review of the EU Organic Regulation has reached a “dead end” says recently appointed director of IFOAM EU, Eduardo Cuoco.

India’s north-eastern ‘organic hub’ drives market growth

India’s ‘organic hub’ – a cluster of fertile, proactively organic states in Northeast India – is helping drive strong market growth in the country and setting it on its way to securing 2% of the world organic food market.

Wessanen launches ‘Organic Food Against Climate Change’ initiative

Leading European healthy food business Wessanen has launched a new initiative aimed at helping small food entrepreneurs to play an active role in tackling climate change.

Frustration as ASA tells Arla not to use ‘good for the land’ organic claim

Organic groups and farmers say they are “disappointed” after the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority told Arla Foods to stop using the phrase ‘good for the land’ in relation to organic dairy farming.

Suminter India Organics to get $25m IFC investment

Suminter India Organics, one of India’s leading exporters of organic produce, is to receive an in investment of US$25 from the International Finance Corporation (IFC), part of the World Bank, according to the IFC’s news portal.

Soil Association ‘bowled over’ by UK minister’s comments on soil 

The Soil Association has welcomed what it says is a “a dramatic shift” in UK government thinking on soil protection and farming practice.