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Green Brexit: Conserving ‘natural capital’ will be at the heart of UK farming policy,...

Britain’s Environment Secretary Michael Gove says the UK Government is preparing for a Green Brexit that will place protection of ‘natural capital’ at the heart of future food and farming policy.

Reusable containers safe during Covid-19 pandemic, 100-strong group of scientists insist

More than 100 scientists from around the world this week signed a statement to reassure the public that reusable containers are safe during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Sustainable packaging for a natural beauty industry

Cosmetics products come in all shapes and sizes. From face moisturizer and serum, to hair gel and toothpaste, the industry is expansive. Back in...

Takeaway is the best way, says plant-based packaging specialist Vegware

Vegware – the global specialist in plant-based catering disposables – has rapidly reconfigured its business operation to meet high demand for takeaway packaging. 

Lifestyle Packaging launches innovative range of biodegradable VMS jars

The New Development Team at Lifestyle Packaging, based in East Yorkshire UK, has created an innovative range of fully biodegradable plastic containers for vitamins,...

New Zealand organic market grows 30% to top NZ$600m

The New Zealand organic sector has grown 30 per cent since 2015 to now be worth $600 million per year, buoyed by consumer demand in NZ and globally.

Tall order: Emirates Airlines commissions $40m ‘better than organic’ vertical farm

Emirates Airlines has commissioned a US$40 million vertical farm to provide its passengers with fresh, pesticide-free salads and greens. It will be, in the words of Dubai’s ruler, Sheikh Mohammed, “better than organic”. Michael Wale has been to Dubai to find out more. 

What we learnt in lockdown: Article collection documents how Bristol’s local food scene responded...

The Community Farm, a cornerstone of the UK city Bristol’s local food and farming scene, has curated Lessons From Lockdown, a collection of 15 articles that describe how the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic affected people involved with food, wildlife, local economies and social outreach in the local area

M&S Launches Innovation Hub To Develop Plant-Based Foods & Plastic-Free Packaging Solutions

British retailer M&S will be opening an Innovation Hub to house its new “specialist team” focused on developing food solutions, including plant-based proteins and...

Can environment-minded food firms achieve ‘beneficial footprints’?

When approaching sustainability, the focus of most food and beverage companies is on reducing environmental footprints. How can they go beyond incremental reductions and create positive impacts?

Abu Dhabi on course to develop 100 new organic farms

In a powerful call to action Abu Dhabi is on course to develop 100 new organic farms as part of a wider commitment to sustainable development. Michael Wale visited the Emirate to find out more

Sustainable farming? GMOs? Agroecology? Be a part of the discussion

Our upcoming webinar Sense, Science and Sustainability is asking a hot topic question: Can genome editing and agroecology co-exist in the sustainable food and farming mix? 

Comparisons between organic and conventional agriculture need to be better, say researchers

The environmental effects of agriculture and food are hotly debated. But the most widely used analysis model overlooks vital factors and can lead to incorrect conclusions on the merits of intensive and organic agriculture.

Anti-plastics ‘fervour’ is distracting us from climate change threat, Riverford founder warns

Deepening public and political consternation around plastic pollution is becoming a “dangerous distraction” from a far bigger challenge – the urgent need to control climate change. That’s the view of one of the best-known actors on the UK organic food scene, Guy Singh-Watson, founder of Riverford Organic. 

Suminter India Organics to get $25m IFC investment

Suminter India Organics, one of India’s leading exporters of organic produce, is to receive an in investment of US$25 from the International Finance Corporation (IFC), part of the World Bank, according to the IFC’s news portal.