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COP28 Will Be First Food-Centric UN Climate Summit with Alt-Protein, Sustainable Diets on the Agenda

5 Mins Read COP28 made headlines last month when it announced it will serve mostly plant-based food – it signposts the

Anay Mridul Anay Mridul September 14, 2023

8 Charts That Illustrate the Impact of Food Systems and Our Diets on Climate Change

7 Mins Read There is a massive gap between climate change and the impact our diet and food system has

Anay Mridul Anay Mridul September 6, 2023

If Global Corporations Paid Damages for Their Climate Emissions, Their Profits Would Plunge by 44%

3 Mins Read If the world’s corporations were to pay damages for the climate pollution they cause, their profits would

Anay Mridul Anay Mridul September 4, 2023