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Capitalizing on EU organic grant is trade’s biggest opportunity

“Capitalizing on the Organic Trade Board’s recently secured EU grant, and working closely with them to get a thread of unification across the whole sector. I think that’s a really important thing for us as industry over the next few years.”

Transitional organic certification scheme for US farmers launched

A new transitional certification programme for products from farmers who are in the process of becoming organic has been launched in the US.

Natural Branding eliminates need for packaging

Working in collaboration with Swedish supermarket chain ICA, Netherlands-based organic produce distributor Nature & More is to mark organic fruit and veg with Natural Branding, a marking method which removes the need for packaging or stickers.

EU organic regulation review is at “a dead end”

The Review of the EU Organic Regulation has reached a “dead end” says recently appointed director of IFOAM EU, Eduardo Cuoco.