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‘Adoption Will Take Decades But Macro Fundamentals Won’t Change’ – TiNDLE’s CEO Talks Future Of Plant-Based Meat

Beyond Meat’s nosedive, lukewarm growth, mediocre products? We unpack the plant-based meat industry with the CEO of global alt meat

Sonalie Figueiras Sonalie Figueiras September 29, 2022

European Consumers Are Driving the Demand for Sustainable Protein, Survey Finds

European consumers are keen to see more alternatives to conventional animal products, finds a new survey. More than 60 percent

Jill Ettinger Jill Ettinger September 28, 2022

After 40 Years, Dairy-Free Pioneer Tofutti Adds ‘Vegan’ to Its Labels

Legacy dairy-free brand Toffuti has announced its first rebrand in decades with one notable upgrade: the labels now includes the

Jill Ettinger Jill Ettinger September 27, 2022