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UK Government offers free vitamin D supplements to 2.7MN vulnerable people this winter

The Department of Health and Social Care has announced that over 2.7 million at-risk individuals across England are to be offered a free supply...

IngredientsDirect.com launches in response to trend towards online purchase of ingredients

According to 2020 research by McKinsey & Company, more than 75% of UK B2B buyers say they now prefer purchasing online over traditional face-to-face...

Pharma Nord announced as vitamin D supplier for major clinical trial

Supplements brand Pharma Nord has revealed its Bio-Vitamin D3 has been chosen for a ground-breaking new large-scale trial studying the effects of vitamin D...

Scientists seek volunteers for new vitamin D trial

Scientists in the UK are looking for 5,000 volunteers to take part in a new clinical trial to test the effectiveness of vitamin D...

Vitamin D – MP warns that ‘cheap way of tackling Covid’ is being ignored

The British MP and former cabinet minister David Davis says mounting evidence on the usefulness of vitamin D in tackling Covid-19 must not be ignored. 

New CBD proposals ‘would undermine public trust in supplement safety’, NPA warns

The Natural Products Association (NPA) has rejected new legislation introduced in the US House that would allow CBD products to be used in dietary supplements.  

High dose vitamin D could keep Covid patients out of ICU, Spanish study shows

Treating Covid-19 patients with high dosages of vitamin D could prevent them having to receive intensive care treatment, a study by Spanish researchers suggests.  

‘Unrecognisable as food’: NHS diabetes diet promotes health-damaging ultra-processed foods

A diet plan announced by the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) to tackle Type 2 diabetes with “soup and shakes” has been criticised for promoting ultra-processed foods shown to harm gut health, and linked to a range of range of chronic illnesses. 

FDA ‘needs to do its job and regulate CBD’, NPA warns

The Natural Products Association has stepped up its criticism of the Food and Drug Administration over its failure to date to set out clear safety standards for CBD products. 

Treat hand gels as last resort, or risk superbug ‘armageddon’

Prolonged, mass use of alcohol-based hand gels during the coronavirus pandemic could lead to a superbug ‘armageddon situation’, a global expert in surface disinfection has warned. 

UK troops given natural insect repellent for ‘extra Covid protection’

UK troops are being issued with natural insect repellent following studies by the Defence Science and Technology Lab (DSTL) showing that the active ingredient Citriodiol may protect against coronavirus.

An ‘excess of disinfection’ is altering our microbiota – but at what cost?

The need for enhanced hygiene during the Covid crisis is abundantly clear but could a long-term ‘excess of disinfection’ be setting up health problems of its own?

HealthyDoesIt: UK industry launches major direct to consumer campaign

Leading organisations in the UK natural health industry are collaborating on a major new direct to consumer campaign.

NPA pushes for tax credits to ‘keep natural products firms’ doors open’

US trade group the Natural Products Association is calling for Congress officials to include natural products companies is a scheme to help businesses meet the costs of being Covid secure.  

New probiotics guidelines ‘ignore scientific advice’, NPA warns

New advice from the American Gastroenterological Association (AGA) that people suffering common digestive conditions should consider stopping using probiotics “ignores scientific evidence, a leading US trade body says.