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Australian CAM group defends herbal product quality

Australian CAM group Complementary Medicines Australia (CMA) has issued a strong defence of the quality of herbal products.

China passes law that puts TCM on equal footing with western medicine

China has passed a new law that places Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) on an equal footing in the country with western medicine.

“Engaging authentically with customers – that’s our big opportunity”

“Engaging authentically with our customers – that’s our big opportunity as independent retailers.” So says Food For Thought owner Alan Martin in a new video interview for Natural Products News.

Need I say More?

Holland & Barrett CEO Peter Aldis talks here with NPN’s Jim Manson about the retailer’s new flagship More store at Marble Arch and how it plans to become a £1 billion business by 2020

FSA acrylamide campaign is “fiasco” that misses biggest risk

The food writer and campaigner Joanna Blythman has described the UK's Food Standards Agency’s ‘go for gold’ campaign on acrylamide as a “fiasco” that...

US authorities say homeopathic remedies “must state they do not work”

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) says that over-the-counter homeopathic medicines on sale in America must in future state on pack that ‘there is no scientific evidence the product works’.