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Inside Story: Independent food retail during Covid

In lockdown small, independent food stores no longer seemed like ‘nice little examples of how different food shopping could be’, but a vital community asset of which there simply wasn’t enough to go around, writes Danni Rochman.

Digital first: How foodcircle is shaking up organic wholesale

Tech-centric organic wholesaler foodcircle says its mould-breaking digital model is empowering organic food businesses and helping build a more transparent food marketplace

Alibaba expects surge in demand for natural products as China emerges from lockdown

China’s changing appetite brings fresh opportunity for natural products  brands looking to tap into a new market. Alibaba’s Zarina Kanji, health, food and beverage market specialist for the UK and Nordics, explains why.

Organic and GMOs – conflict or co-existence?

Are there are limits to what plant breeding can (or should) achieve? Or, as some proponents of genetic engineering in agriculture believe, are we limited only by our imaginations and how strict or liberal our regulations are?

Comment: Bringing it all back home – local lessons from the lockdown

Much has been said and written about the lessons we might learn from the long weeks spent in coronavirus lockdown. And in our own world – natural and organic – we too are learning to look at things differently, in ways that could reshape our businesses and livelihoods for years to come.

A message from the Natural Products Global team

The last few weeks have brought unimaginable changes to our lives as the Covid-19 crisis has deepened, and spread around the world. That’s certainly...

Spanish lessons

A new law in Spain prohibiting sale of food below the cost of production has potential lessons for all of us, says Simon Wright.

NPG Talks: Remaking the case for organic in a climate crisis

In a talk prepared for the recent Nordic Organic Food Fair, NPG editor Jim Manson, explains why he thinks why we need to remake the case for organic in a climate crisis. 

Guilt trip: Is certification working?

International best-selling book Is Shame Necessary? asks some awkward questions about certification, and argues that 'market tools to save the world’ are failing to live up to their name. 

Use in emergency: Remaking the case for organic in a climate crisis

Time is running out to avert a climate catastrophe and the role of food and farming is coming into sharp focus. Organic offers multiple climate mitigation change benefits. Now it needs to show it is mission ready, writes Jim Manson

Seven double-checked benefits of organic food

Sweden’s brand new Eko-september (Organic September) campaign has at its core seven ‘super-screened’ claims that all organic operators can use with confidence. Here, Johan...

How worried should the organic industry be about the ‘natural pretenders’?

New research suggests that European consumers often regard ‘natural’ as more trustworthy than organic. So, how worried should the organic industry be about the  “natural pretenders”? asks Jim Manson

Don’t keep calm: Why we need to rediscover our rebellious past

At a time when millions of young people are engaging with the issues that our ideas address so effectively, our own messaging lacks urgency and purpose. We need to rediscover our rebellious past, says Jim Manson

Vegan versus vegetables

Why do so many new vegan lines mimic the worst aspects of mainstream processed food rather than bring a plant-based vitality to the chiller, asks Simon Wright.

The Big Interview: Eduardo Cuoco, director, IFOAM EU

In this wide-ranging interview for Natural Products Global, Eduardo Cucoco, director of IFOAM EU – Europe’s lead organic advocacy group – talks about the organisation’s big priorities in the coming years, from CAP reform (injecting urgency into debate on climate and the environment) and implementation of the new EU Organic Regulation, to exploring ways of developing organic “beyond the regulation”.