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NATRUE unveils updated standards for 2021

NATRUE has announced that its Label Criteria has been updated, with changes to come into effect on 1 January 2021. The latest update maintains its...

OF&G ‘bewildered’ over Defra’s ‘roadmap to nowhere’

Organic Farmers & Growers (OF&G) has expressed dismay at Defra’s Path to Sustainable Farming 2021-2024, calling it a ‘roadmap to nowhere’. Roger Kerr, chief executive...

UK standards could be ‘undermined’ by misuse of antibiotics in imported meat and dairy,...

Amid growing concerns around the global rise in antibiotic resistance, and as the UK explores potential trade agreements with non-EU countries for post-Brexit imports...

EU rejects dairy descriptions but allows meaty terms for plant-based products

The European Parliament has voted to ban dairy-related terms being used for plant-based alternatives but has given the go-ahead for meat-related descriptions. The vote on...

Regenagri announces members of new governance group

The recently established global regenerative agriculture initiative regenagri has announced the members of its new governance team — a group of pioneering organizations who...

Let’s act now to prevent a Brexit catastrophe for the organic industry

Roger Kerr, CEO of OF&G, explains why we must act now to prevent a post-Brexit catastrophe for the UK’s organic industry. The organic sector faces...

MPs reject bid to protect post-Brexit food standards

Last night’s vote in the House of Commons saw MPs reject an amendment to the Agriculture Bill which was designed to ensure that post-Brexit...

Support and solace: RSPB sets out plan for Green Recovery

The day before the UK Prime Minister makes a speech to the UN on biodiversity, the British based nature charity RSPB today launch a major new Green Recovery Plan for nature recovery. 

New guide will help employers meet needs of vegans at work

The Vegan Society is issuing guidance to businesses to help them avoid direct or indirect discrimination to vegan employees.

Tribunal judge rules ethical veganism is ‘philosophical belief’

In a landmark legal case, a UK tribunal judge has ruled that ethical veganism qualifies as a ‘philosophical belief’ and therefore must be afforded special protections under equality law.

Organic GMOs – is this the future of sustainability?

The debate in Europe over the application of new genetic engineering techniques, and specifically gene editing techniques such as CRISPR, is intensifying.  The research...