Aceite Artajo

Aceite Artajo
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The Aceite Artajo brand has been around since the mid-eighteenth century. Currently, the estate has more than 200,000 olive trees and 12 different varieties located in the Ribera del Ebro’ region of Navarra, Spain.

Aceite Artajo produces and markets organic extra virgin olive oil from their own state.
The elaboration of this olive juice begins in the field to guarantee the maximum quality of olives at the time of harvest during the months of October and November.

The early picking, from green olives, gives to Artajo olive oils a fresh, herbaceous touch, with an intensity of exceptional green fruity aromas. In contrast, the amount of oil obtained from early olives is much less than in mature ones. They have also been recognized in competitions that reward the best olive oils in the world.

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Farmer / Grower / Agriculture 
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Artajo 10 Arbequina
Artajo 10 Arbosana
Artajo 10 Arróniz
Artajo 10 Koroneiki
Artajo 10 Manzanilla Cacereña
Artajo 10 Coupage
Artajo 8 BIO Arbequina
Artajo 6 BIO Arbequina
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km 102 A-68 , Fontellas, Navarra 31512, Spain
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