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Olive oil, wine and honey are the most prominent products of Cretan tradition. Even today, olive oil is the number one product of Crete, with the Cretans ranking in the first place of olive oil consumption in the world!

What is more, olive oil consumption is directly linked to longevity, as lots of research has shown. In our farm, you can find three olive trees which are over a thousand years old. On the island of Crete you can find the biggest number of ancient olive trees in the world.

The wine variety “Liatiko” is an ancient variety with a number of legends surrounding its name as well as its history.

Wine used to be the basis of Minoan trade throughout the Minoan Empire. It is said that they would exchange wine for Egyptian dogs, which are now called Cretan dogs. Wine is another key component of Mediterranean diet, which is related to longevity.

You can also visit us on stand D21K at Natural Products Scandinavia, 14-15 November 2018, MalmöMässan, Sweden.

Porthia Organic Products from Creta are seeking distributors

In the following areas:
Northern Europe, Japan, Bali, Latin America,Costa Rica
Contact Name: Emmanuil Geneiatakis
[email protected]
00 30 6980128803

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