New research from Aviva shows that UK people aged over 55 are the most committed to reducing their personal environmental impacts.

The study shows that baby boomer generation are more likely to recycle their waste (84%), avoid single-use-plastic (66%) and buy only seasonal fruit and vegetables (47%), compared to UK adults in any other age group.

The survey of around 4,000 UK adults found that when asked about climate-conscious actions, in almost every category, over-55s were most likely to be taking steps already.

Their behaviours also include shopping at local stores (63%) using LED light bulbs (88%) and growing their own vegetables (37%).

Over 55s were also the age group most likely to be avoiding single-use plastic, reducing car usage, reducing meat consumption and cutting down on flying (those aged 25-34 were least likely to be flying less).

One notable exception relates to people adopting a vegan diet. Over-55s are least likely to be vegan, at just 2% of this age group, while 9% of under-25s say they eat a purely plant-based diet.

The study notes that environmental consciousness is also increasingly influencing which brands UK adults choose, with two thirds (68%) more likely to pick brands with sustainable or climate-aware credentials.

Over 55s are more likely to shop locally, and try to reduce packaging