Swedish supermarket chain ICA has launched an app that will help customers calculate the climate footprint of their weekly food shop, reports trade magazine Food Supply.

“We have 17,500 registered users and it is growing rapidly,” says Kerstin Lindvall, sustainability director of the Ica Group for Free Buying.
The app collects and analyzes the entire shopping cart for anyone using Ica’s bonus or debit card. Climate impact for each individual product is calculated automatically in the system. By logging in, the customer receives statistical graphs and suggestions on ways to reduce environmental impact.
With the rapidly growing interest and the strong market position, Lindvall believes ICA can proactively nudge customers to make more environmentally thoughtful decisions .
One of the app’s benefits, says Lindvall, is that customers can see instantly the positive changes they are making. “By using this service, we can collect and reduce the whole country’s climate footprint by a measureabke,”he adds.