Dutch researchers are recommending that people supplement with vitamin K to protect against Covid-19 after discovering a link between deficiency and the worst coronavirus outcomes.

The researchers made the discovery after studying data on patients who were admitted to the Canisius Wilhelmina hospital in the Dutch city of Nijmegen. 

They say that vitamin K could combat two dangerous feature of Covid-19 – blood clotting, and degradation of elastic fibres in the lungs. Vitamin K, ingested through food or in supplement form and absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract, is vital in the production of proteins that regulate clotting and can protect against lung disease.

The Dutch research, undertaken in partnership with the Cardiovascular Research Institute Maastricht, one of Europe’s largest heart and vascular research institutes, studied 134 patients hospitalised for Covid-19 between 12 March and 11 April, alongside a control group of 184 age-matched patients who did not have the disease.

The researchers now want to secure funding for a clinical trial in which very sick Covid-19 patients were randomised to receive either a placebo or a vitamin K supplement as sufficient dose to activate the protective protein. 

Dr Rob Janssen, a scientist working on the project, said: “We are in a terrible, horrible situation in the world. We do have an intervention which does not have any side effects, even less than a placebo. There is one major exception: people on anti-clotting medication. It is completely safe in other people.

“My advice would be to take those vitamin K supplements. Even if it does not help against severe Covid-19, it is good for your blood vessels, bones and probably also for the lungs.”

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  1. The article does not state which vitamin K should be supplemented. Vitamins K1 and K2 have different functions. There are also different forms of K2 that further complicate the matter. This really needs clarifying.

    • That’s right, have you looked at the source of the article? The dutch researchers perhaps? I have bought some K2 – 7 because of the advice on potential issues with too much vitD 3, but I havent taken it since I read about the dangers of vit k2. It’s all very confusing.

  2. This is very interesting. I knew about the poss link btwn vit D deficiency and severe Covid symptoms (esp in ethnic minorities), which didn’t surprise me.., but about vit K I never would have imagined. What I don’t understand is why it would help with the blood clotting symptom of Covid, as i thought vit k makes blood clot more…can u please explain further?
    I have a tendency for blood clot issues , so i am wary of taking much vit k..I take occasional small dose with vit D, as i know it’s important to take them together.

  3. Probiotics and loads of leafy green vegetables will help the gut because a healthy Microbiome uptakesvitamins and minerals in the body.

  4. Writer represents “diversified communications in UK” Go figure. Little bit of everything, but realy nothing. If it is just K1, is irresponsible advise. Many people are already prone to blood clots. If it is
    K2 is taken with Vitamin D, make sure that calcium goes vto to bones and teeth, not to soft tissues.
    Very confusing article.

    • We are a news portal for the natural products / health food industry. This news post is designed to report on the fact that Dr Rob Janssen and his team have discovered a link between vitamin K deficiency and coronavirus symptoms. They are now trying to secure funding for further trials. You can find more detail on their initial findings here – https://www.preprints.org/manuscript/202004.0457/v2.


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