Organic food and drink is on the table of more Finns, with one in three now using organic on a weekly basis.

That’s one of the findings of a new survey from Kantar commissioned by Finnish organic body Pro Luomu.

The Organic Consumer Survey shows that there are 2.2 million regular users of organic in Finland, 150,000 more than there were two years ago.

While families with children are still the main organic demographic in Finland, the consumer audience is shifting. More men are regular users, for instance, and organic consumers are coming from a wider socio-economic demographic too.

“Organic is no longer something just for women or young women, but for the whole community. It is especially great that more people buy organic at least once a week. It tells us that organic food has become a part of Finnish everyday life,” says Marja-Riitta Kottila, executive director of Pro Luomu.

Young men and older women have increased organic use
The new survey shows that 32% of Finns now consume organic products at least once a week. That’s an increase of four percentage points compared to a survey conducted two years ago: young men and older women, in particular, are more engaged with organic values.

The percentage of Finns who use organic products on a monthly basis (24%) has held steady, while the proportion of Finns categorised as occasional organic users is down four percentage points to 34%.

Kottila believes that the development of organic use reflects the growth in responsibility as a consumption trend. “Consumers who value responsibility and express it in their own consumption will increase their use of organic products. Another consumption trend – well-being – is also driving growth in organic use. It guides you to choose the cleanest and most natural food.”

The survey predicts that organic consumption will continue to grow in the future, with more than half of consumers polled saying they expect their spending on organic to rise.

New market drivers
‘Purity’ is the main reason for Finnish consumers to buy organic is purity: organic products being valued for their low or non-additive/pesticide levels. The perceived good taste of organic products, as well as the environmental friendliness and ecology of production, are more important reasons for Finns to buy organic than before. Animal welfare is also an important motivator to purchase too.

The Nordic Organic Food Fair (co-located with Eco Life Scandinavia) will return to MalmöMässan, Malmö, Sweden, on Wednesday and Thursday 13-14 November.   

Main image: Finnish organic retailer Ruohonjuuri