Omyacare S 75-KP and Omyacare S 95-KP minerals are now approved by ECOCERT organization for natural raw materials. The certificate confirms that both ingredients are natural, environmentally friendly and sustainable. 

Bright-white Omyacare particles sourced from natural calcium carbonate can be used as cleansing agents with different grades of abrasiveness that adjust the colour, viscosity and texture of toothpaste and rinse off applications.   

The diversity of particle sizes within the Omyacare product range means they can be used in a variety of applications, such as soap, toothpaste, tooth tabs or handwash tabs. In soap applications Omyacare is said to enhance ‘creaminess’, and the speed and amount of foam generation. For toothpaste, particles ensure the optimum level of desired abrasion in the final formula. Used in tabs, the particle structure provides many interlocking contact points. When compacted during dry granulation or tableting, these ensure greater mechanical strength. The high-purity and controlled low microbiology of Omyacare particles reduce interactions between trace elements and active ingredients to a minimum. 

Stefan Lander, vice president for consumer goods at Switzerland-based Omya, claims: “With Omyacare we focus on tailored particles based solely on natural calcium carbonate. This allows us to produce a sustainable ingredient with a very low carbon footprint.”