The market for natural, organic skin and beauty products grew by 13.9% in 2019 and is on course to double its current share (4-5%) of the total cosmetics market by 2025. 

These are among the key findings of the annual market report into the Swedish natural and organic beauty sector from the trade group NOC Sweden (NOC = Natural Organic Cosmetics). 

The report, produced in collaboration with Business Sweden by independent consulting company AgroVector, shows: 

• The market increased 13.6 percent in 2019
• Value just over SEK 1.3 billion in 2019
• Market share of about 4-5 percent
• Estimated increase of 10–15 percent in 2020
• Growth rate of 15-20 per cent by 2025

Commenting on the value of the report, Emma Bergqvist, chair, NOC Sweden, said: “Being able to demonstrate the value development, which we are now doing, helps companies that want to invest in the segment. The cosmetics market is generally considered to be mature and stable with small changes. At the same time, the natural, organic segment is growing rapidly with many new start-ups. In fact, few segments in the cosmetics industry can demonstrate such a rapid growth rate as the organic, natural.”

Cecilia Ryegård, expert in the organic market and analyst at Agrovektor, added: “Sustainability is one of the major mega trends in the western world, where natural, organic skin care and cosmetics have a great fit, and the results of the survey are also not so surprising. The increase is 13% t in 2019, with a projected increase of around 15-20% until 2025. 

In 2019, the natural and organic cosmetics market value passed SEK 1 billion (EUR95 million). In 2025, the market value is expected to have more than doubled to about SEK 2.5 billion, as will the share, which will then be about 10 percent of total sales for skin and beauty care in Sweden, if the total market continues to have the same development as now, says Ryegård.

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