The Nordic region continues to be an organic stronghold. Organic sales in the market leading region of Denmark rose by 14% in 2018, and a reported 51.4% of Danes buy organic food every single week. Meanwhile, the Swedish market for organic food grew by just over SEK 1 billion (€97m) to SEK 28.8 billion (€2.80bn) – taking organic’s share of total food and drink sales to an impressive 9.6%. 

Against this backdrop the Nordic Organic Food Fair returns this autumn (13-14 November, MalmöMässan, Sweden) with brand new features and a wave of certified organic innovations. 

The shows, co-located with Eco Life Scandinavia, attracts thousands of senior buyers, retailers, and managers – from supermarkets, health stores, pharmacy chains, wholesalers, distributors and public kitchens – looking for the next big thing in organic baked goods, chilled/frozen produce, confectionery, snacks, tea, coffee, grocery items, deli and speciality foods.

“Visiting the Nordic Organic Food Fair is very inspiring.  I knew already that there are a lot of organic and certified products out there, but after visiting the fair I feel strongly that there are no limits to what can be produced.  It’s possible to contribute to a better planet and do really good business at the same time, which is good for man, animals and the environment,” says Cecilia Hornö Eriksen, quality development at Coop, Sweden.

Scandinavia’s local innovation
With the interest in ‘buying local’ showing significant importance in the region, Scandinavian organic products continue to see strong growth. Pavilions from Finland, Business Sweden, and Organic Denmark will show off the very best in organic food traditions from the region, as well as the latest product innovation. 

“Nordic Organic Food Fair is always an unmissable event for us, as Sweden is our second largest market for organic and so it’s important to keep this relationship with our key buyers in the region,” says Organic Denmark’s international market director Pernille Bundgård (pictured).

“The Organic Denmark pavilion will feature a selection of organic products like fresh cold juices, vegan ‘like-meat’ products, organic baby foods, and much more.  Denmark has the highest food safety regulations in Europe, and the unique government certified Ø-label has been very important for the widespread success of organic Danish food products.  This state-controlled certification ensures that Danish products are safe, innovative, and to the highest organic standards – from farm to fork – in comparison to the rest of the world,” she says.

WellAware, Asiros Nordic, The Protein Kitchen, Natessen, Artisan Raw Bakery Stockholm, Helsinki Heaven, Cofradex, and the Liquid Fruit Company are a few Nordic brands returning to the show.  And Nøtteblanderen, Mill & Mortar, and Nuts i Sverige are new for 2019.   For even more new products, head to the ‘Innovation from Scandinavia’ zone displaying the latest brands and start-ups to hit the Scandinavian market – True Gum, Spices Chef, Pods of Beans, and Olivias Tryllesalve are already confirmed.

Organic from around the world
Buyers can also get a taste of what the world has to offer by visiting the show’s range of regional and international pavilions – including brands from Enterprise Greece, ICEX Spain, Advantage Austria, South Korea, IDM Südtirol (Italy), Estonia, Castilla y Leon (Spain), Portugal, Latvia, and Poland.

International companies returning to the show for 2019 include: UK brands Teapigs, Follow Your Heart, Heath & Heather, English Tea Shop; German brands Fuxbau Ginmanufaktur, Berief Food, TOPAS, Voelkel; and Global Organics and Do It from Holland.  New companies displaying their offerings around the world include: Balviten, Colorexa, Sonnenmulde Bioweine, and Haco – with many more yet to be confirmed.

The Nordic Organic Food Fair takes place on 13-14 November at MalmöMässan, Sweden