Next month’s European Organic Congress – to be held in the Estonian capital, Tallin – aims to set the agenda for a transformation of food and farming.

With themes such as ‘Organic on every table’, ‘Inspire – improve – deliver’, and Fair play, fair pay’, the Congress will look at how stakeholders and policymakers can work together to reach the European Organic Vision 2030, with the launch of a roadmap for making it happen.

Over the last two years, lead organiser IFOAM EU has been working proactively with the organic movement and like-minded groups to devise strategies for developing organics in Europe. In Estonia, we will look at different initiatives already happening throughout Europe that demonstrate how policymakers and stakeholders already work together to inspire others.

Part of this conversation will also look at how such initiatives can flourish, in the context of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the EU Climate Commitments expected to strongly influence the EU’s agri-food policy agenda in the coming years – from the Common Agricultural Policy to the development of food policies at national and regional level.

Key elements of the programme for Tallin include the opening plenary on the theme Sustainability Now! A European Vision for Sustainability in Agriculture and panel discussions on ‘Organic regulation’ and ‘Rethinking organic farming’ – with expert panels incorporating top industry and policy-making talent from around Europe

The 11th European Organic Conference takes place in Tallin, Estonia on 5-7 September 2017. For more information visit



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