Organic Food Iberia brought together some of Spain’s biggest distributors, retailers, and experts for an exclusive webinar on 1 July 2021.

During the online discussion, the industry leaders told us how the organic consumer is changing in Spain and what trends to watch out for.

Speakers included:

Host: Roberto García, Communication Manager at Ecovalia

Panellist: Diego Granado Cumbres, General Secretary at Ecovalia

Panellist: Carolina Girbés Ferrer, Communications and Marketing Director at Herbolario Navarro

Panellist: Pol Picazos Muniesa, Commercial and Marketing Director at Biocop Productos Biológicos

Panellist: Juan Manuel Velasco Pérez, CEO, Biover NV

Key takeaways:

During the session the expert panel shared their fascinating thoughts and insight into the emerging trends in the organic sector, how the pandemic affected people’s perception of organic, and how organic supports the  wider sustainability message.

The panellists discussed how there has been a huge 35% increase of organic consumption during the pandemic. The

We are seeing a new type of consumer, who is younger and environmentally conscious.

There has never been a greater need for producers and retailers to join forces and spread a clear message about organic products. Labels need to be easy to read and the packaging needs to be as sustainable as the product.

The sector needs to continue to be transparent and provide high quality products for a health-conscious consumer.  We need to continue innovating and digitalising processes to   the consumer.

The increase in organic consumption is a trend that is here to stay so there is a bright future ahead of us.

You can watch the video here (please note, the webinar is in Spanish):

The conversation will continue at Organic Food Iberia

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