‘Rock star’ retailer grills Coop over plant-based burger claim

Johannes Cullberg, founder of Stockholm-based retailer Paradiset, is fast acquiring something approaching rock star status in Swedish organic circles. 

Asked at an awards ceremony last month what was his recipe for sustainable and healthy food retailing, Cullberg replied “simple, remove shit product from the shelf” – instantly boosting his bad boy credentials. 

This month he has been making his mark on the streets of Stockholm. A post on Cullberg’s Instagram page shows him standing by an advertising poster placed by the Coop supermarket chain, announcing ‘Beyond Burger – all summer, only at Coop’. Cullberg, who has lovingly amended the poster to read ‘also at Paradiset’ writes: “Sorry @coopsverige but sometimes you have to correct incorrect advertising. We’ve had Beyond Burger on Paradiset for a long time and love them as much as you do. So let’s push green grilling together! It is needed for the planet.”

Cullberg has previously vowed to wage war on “fake food” and take the battle to “spineless” food multinationals and retailers.