Exhibitor PRESS RELEASE: Oh Mungood launches tasty organic mungbean products made in Sweden


More and more people want to eat vegetarian and organic food. However, that combination is not self-evident. Until now. Oh Mungood recently launched its plant-based, organic products from mungbeans that are made in Sweden.

The story of Oh Mungood begins in the village of Orsa- Sweden, where the company’s founder Caroline Nilsson grew up. When she visited her parents’ home, her mother always bought the “Orsaburger”, a plant-based burger made of healthy mungbeans.

– After that I have tasted most of the plant-based foods but never found an equivalent alternative to the incredible burger, says Caroline.
She reached out to the chef behind the Orsaburger, Torbjörn Granlund, and initiated a collaboration. The duo began to work and the production of burgers and one additional product ”bits” started. Both products are rich in protein and have a full-bodied taste of cumin, coriander and beetroot.

Oh Mungood’s products are made without additives. It is sustainable, healthy fast food – with a fantastic taste and texture. It is a food that makes it easier to choose plant-based in more situations. In addition, our products are free from gluten, lactose, and soy.

The Swedish Society – Naturskyddsföreningen, recently presented a study on vegan products, where it´s stated that the transition to a more plant-based diet has a very positive development – but that the proportion of organic products in the segment is vanishingly little.

“Organic products is a priority for us and sustainability infuse all stages of our production. It feels great to be able to offer an organic product into the vegan market. Since its launch in May, many consumers and chefs have drawn attention to Oh Mungood for its good and rich taste – and for the fact that they are organic. Oh Mungood is now being launched in more stores. Our goal is to, together with other vegan producers, to change people’s behavior so that plant-based products replace animal products to a greater extent,” says Caroline.

Find Oh Mungood on stand J20C at The Nordic Organic Food Fair. 


Lisa Laurell
Brand & Marketing
+46 707 231 541
[email protected]

Caroline Nilsson
Founder & CEO
+46 706 060 237
[email protected]

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