Brazilian scientist and entrepreneur Aline de Santa Izabel, says her Sweden-based start-up YOGURT is close to launching a pod-based personalised yoghurt machine. 

Aline de Santa Izabel/YOGUT

With a background in Microbiology and Bioengineering, Santa Izabel is harnessing latest bioprocessing technology to create what she is calling “the next generation of functional foods – foods that are healthy and sustainable, good for our health, our gut bugs and our planet”.

The YOGUT Smart Yogurt Machine is being developed with a team of partners at the incubation programmes of the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship, Antler, Plus Impact and the Product Innovation Program to perfect the product and make it commercially viable.

The machine allows consumers to customise their probiotic drink, which latest nutritional science suggest is important in order to gain maximum  personal health benefits. The user puts their choice of milk and the proprietary pod into the machine, uses the linked app to tell the machine their preferences, and leaves it for 10-12 hours to create a bespoke freshly made yogurt.

Santa Izabel is also the founder and owner of the Synbiotic Kitchen, which she uses to share her insights in synbiotic cooking principles and latest science on the importance of an optimally functioning microbiome.