Exhibitor PRES RELEASE: The Botanical Brew – A sustainable and organic herbal tea for your mind, body and soul

The Botanical Brew is now launched – An exclusive organic herbal tea with beneficial properties where each ingredient is carefully selected for its unique benefits, based on both science and tradition. With health and sustainability in focus, the organic loose weight tea is only flavored with natural aromas and consists of exciting flavor combinations and unexpected ingredients.

With the medicinal plants’ millennial science and traditions, this is a beneficial loose weight herbal tea with minimal impact on the environment. Exclusive herbs, flowers, spices, berries and fruits are masterfully mixed for their functions and flavors. Each package comes with a cotton bag to brew its herbs in, which can be used over and over again.

“I have always been fascinated by the beneficial properties of herbs and how plants have always been used as medicines. Ever since I was a child, I have collected plants from nature and boiled my brews and am now happy to finally be able to launch the herbal tea that I want to drink myself,” says Linda Kirsebom, founder of Aqua Gustus and The Botanical Brew.

The first collection consists of six beneficial teas that are produced based on our own herbal knowledge in collaboration with some of Europe’s leading tea blenders and the raw materials are purchased from certified growers around the world. The herbal teas are visually beautiful in larger “cuts” (not finely ground) in exciting flavour combinations with unexpected ingredients, such as carrots, chocolate and quinoa.

All herbal blends are completely organic and contain only natural flavour aromas. Most are also decaffeinated. They are brewed with boiling water between 8-10 minutes and are as good and beneficial hot as cold. The supplied cotton bag can be used for a jug or cup and reused again and again.

– The tea trend is growing stronger and consumers demand more pure, beneficial drinks without artificial additives and flavour aromas. Our hallmark for all our products is health and sustainability, but also finding new exciting raw materials that are not traditionally used in tea, says Linda Kirsebom.

The products are available from Aqua Gustus online store www.aquagustus.com and through hopefully new distributors in EU shortly.

The collection:

Purify, 75 g – Detox and purifying
Holy Night, 50 g – Relax and Slepp
Connected to Earth, 100 g – Warming and healing
Beautiful Skin, 100 g- Wellbeing
Quinoa Cocoa Bowl, 75 g – Wellbeing
Awakening, 75 g – Energizing and boosting

For more information contact
Linda Kirsebom, CEO, [email protected], + 46 708 282522

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