The best natural and organic brands, products of the year were revealed this week at Natural & Organic Products Europe trade show, held over 3-4 April at London ExCeL

The finalists and winners were:

Best New Food Product

Winner: HELIOS Organic Kiddo Pasta – Helios Pasta Industry
Bee&You Propolis + Royal Jelly + Raw Honey Mix – Bee&You
Knotty’s Top Banana: Peanut Butter & Banana – Knotty’s
Nutless – Smi International

Best New Organic Food Product

Winner: BioToday Caramel bar- De Smaakspecialist
BeanVIVO – Three Bean Chili
Low in sugar Baby Smoothie: Quinoa, Carrot, Sweetcorn & Mango – LoveMade Organics
Booja-Booja Chocolate Orange Truffles  – The Booja-Booja Co

Best New Snack Product

Winner: GOODBYE GLUTEN/Brownie Thins – Naturiga Natural Foods
Raw & Activated Nutrition Bar – BE 100%
Mr Organic Ginger & Lemon Biscuits – Mr Organic
Organic Plant Based Coconut Roll and Clusters – Sanmik Food

Best New Special Diet Product

Winner: Raw Gorilla Creamy Hazelnut Chocolate – Raw Gorilla
Dried Persimmon – Daily Bites
Dillon Organic Keto Bread Original Flax – Dillon Organic
Rosemary & Pink Sea Salt Keto Protein Bites – Eva Bold / Heylo

Best New Vegan Food Product

Winner: Honeycomb Caramel Chocolate Truffles – The Booja-Booja Co Ltd
Loma Linda TUNO Mild Curry – Atlantic Natural Foods
Mandorino – Quasani Arl
Organic, Sunflower Chunks – Whole

Best New Drink Product

Winner: FUL® Sparkling Spirulina Drink – FUL
Forever Mint – Hortus Medicus International Ltd
NutraFlow – Urinary Tract Tea – NutraTea

Best New Organic Drink Product

Winner: Pip Organic Sparkling Apple – Pip Organic
KARMA Kombucha Ginger Trilogy – BIOGROUPE
Cidrani Kombuchaga Microdrinks – Cidrani d.o.o.
OTC Beverages – OTC Beverages

Best New Supplement

Winner:  Menopause+ Capsules – Doctor Seaweed’s Weed & Wonderful®
BEE&YOU Propolis Raw Honey Throat Spray – BEE&YOU
Air Defence® Oral Spray 14 – BetterYou
Adult Gummies – Optibac Probiotics

Best New Herbal Product

Winner:  Organic Pine Bark – Viridian Nutrition
Dr Sally’s Botanicals Nightcap Tea – Dr Sally’s Botanicals
Orange County Freeze Balm – Orange County

Best New Speciality Health Product

Winner: The Menoshake – Bomimo Nutrition
Lights-out Nightly Oral Spray – BetterYou
Unplug: Kids Bedtime – Motion Nutrition
OmegaQuant Vitamin D Test – OmegaQuant Analytics

Best New Fitness Nutrition Product

Winner: Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Turmeric with Botanicals, Vitamin & Minerals – Dietapplements
Classic Collagen 50:50 – Motion Nutrition
Veloforte Fresco Energy Chews – Veloforte
Turmeric Zooki – Zooki

Best New Eco Living Product

Winner:  Nukka Bamboo Razor – The Nukka Company
Handmade Coconut Bowl Soy Wax Candle – Huski Home
Roll’eat – PHA KitchEssentials Ltd
Probiotic CRAFT. Laundry liquid with probiotics   – ProBioSanus UAB

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