Driven by an ever more plant-centric consumer base, the demand for high-quality vegan bakery goods is continuing to boom. In response, UK-based Ulrick & Short has launched a new ingredient which, it says, “significantly closes the gap between non-vegan bakery goods that consumers love” and vegan alternatives. 

Enter ovaprox 5, which has been designed to vastly improve the quality of vegan cakes and muffins with respect to volume, crumb structure, texture, emulsification and tenderising qualities.

It is the latest addition to Ulrick & Short’s ovaprox egg replacement range and has been further developed to mimic the functional properties of egg in a 100% egg replacement scenario. Using just the natural functionality of crops, the function ingredient is clean-label, non-GM, and allergen free. It also has the benefit of a 12 month shelf life in ambient conditions.

R&D manager, Danni Schroeter, said” “ovaprox has been a range of ours for over a decade now, so we started from a really good understanding of egg replacement. Initially, ovaprox was designed for partial egg replacement, for cost and shelf life reasons, although as veganism has developed in the last f years or so, our development emphasis has been on building on our existing knowledge and technologies to translate this into a total replacement solution.”

Schroeter added, “As the sector is still a relatively new one, ingredients technology is growing at a very rapid rate. This latest ingredient reflects our ever-growing understanding of the best way to extract the correct functionality from our clean label processing technologies and crop bases. In this respect, we’re confident that this latest addition is a big jump forward.”