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VITHIT launches in Australia, predicts 4 million sales value in first 18 months

Low-calorie vitamin drink brand VITHIT has launched in Australia. 

Predicting $4 million sales value in its first 18 months, VITHIT is being distributed across 700 Coles stores in the region.

Already projecting a 38% growth in its UK home market for 2018, VITHIT wants a presence in 50 international markets by 2022.

Building on a strong launch recently in the UAE, VITHIT is targeting an equivalent 1 million-unit sales in 2019.  Strengthening its wider international reach, in Belgium, sales revenue is already on target to reach €1.8 million in the first 1.5 years.

VITHIT will be landing across Coles stores in Australia at an RRP of $4. The brand’s decision to penetrate the Australian market makes it the business’ 15th international market and, is a key step in entering markets across the region with South East Asia on the horizon. Wiping out seasonal sales by moving to the Southern Hemisphere, VITHIT has found itself a market demanding healthy and refreshing juice-based beverages 12 months of the year. The growing market for healthy-alternatives in the region has been a vital influence of the Irish based international drinks manufacturer.

VITHIT founder, Gary Lavin, a former professional rugby player, has moved along with his family to oversee the launch of VITHIT in Australia, where he’ll be situated for the next three months. He says:  “We’re ecstatic to have this opportunity to bring VITHIT to the Australian market. Entering a market in the Southern Hemisphere firstly provides consistency to our seasonal sales; with the weather and lifestyle of Australians outlining the VITHIT ideals. Not only this, it gives us an amazing possibility to enter other markets in the region; looking at the UAE and wider towards Asia”, says Gary Lavin, Founder of VITHIT. “In year one, we’re predicting to drive 4% of global sales in Australia. Come year three, we’re expecting to see Australia generating 15% of global sales.  It’s a massive market for us and there’s so much opportunity to capitalise upon”.

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