The 2020 edition of Natexpo, the leading French organic trade show event, got underway in Lyon yesterday. 

The two-day event (taking place yesterday and today) was billed by the organiser as the “official restart” for the European organic industry. Spars Organisation had earlier called the Lyon show “the first event to defy the (Covid) crisis”. 

Many exhibitors and visitors reported a successful first day. On Twitter, Bruno Bernard, president of the Lyon metropolitan area, said: “More than 600 exhibitors, thousands of visitors respecting distancing measures here today”. Also on Twitter, industry commentator and communications specialist, Arnault Narcy, said: Very high attendance (in strict compliance with health rules) this first morning of @Natexpo”. 

At one point in the morning, as visitor numbers approached current French limits for indoor controlled events, the organiser urged attendees to time their arrival for the afternoon to ensure event compliance. 

Main image: Day one scenes from Natexpo 2020, via social Twitter and Facebook