Sales of organic food and drink continued to grow at a strong pace in Finland during 2020. The total sales exceeded €400 million for the first time. 

Organic products in the retail sector reached €409 million in 2020, estimates Pro Luomu. This is an increase of 9.7% from the previous year.

Organic retail sales now account for around 2.6% of the total grocery market. The Corona pandemic has boosted grocery sales in general, but the organic category has grown more than conventional. Some of the most popular categories include baby foods and eggs, where the organic share is already well above 20%.

New products will boost organic sales

The total share of organic sales on the Finnish market today stands at 2.6%. Pro Luomu argues that the small percentage of the overall market is due to a lack of available organic products in certain categories. Meat products as well as fresh bread are among the categories with the least number of organic products available.

In order to increase the market share of organic, more product development and new products on the market are needed. More organic meat and dairy-free alternatives are increasingly ending up in consumer shopping baskets, therefore more products are needed in these categories.

Consumer trends and recent research support organic growth. Climate-change and biodiversity are emerging as strong debates. As organic has proved to promote biodiversity, it is likely to further strengthen the demand for organic products. However, a necessary prerequisite for sales growth is a growing a developing range of organic products, says Aura Lamminparras, Executive Director of Pro Luomu.

TOP 5 best-selling organic products

  1. Bananas
  2. Eggs
  3. Milk
  4. Coffee
  5. Minced meat

Organic market shares in 2020 (of value)

Baby food 24%
Eggs 21%
Vegetable oils 18%
Flakes and groats 14%
Flour 9.5%
Coffee and tea 8%
Juices and Juice soups 8%
Fruits 7%
Vegetables 5.5%
Milk 4.5%
Vegetable drinks 4.5%

More information:

Aura Lamminparras, Executive Vice President, Pro Luomu ry, tel. +358 40 556 8097, [email protected] (not available on February 17 from 1 to 3 pm)

The estimate of organic sales is based on data collected by Pro Luomu from the trade groups and the Nielsen Consumer Panel. The valuation method was refined for 2020, so the figures are not fully comparable with previous years. Organic market shares have been compared with PTY’s and Statistics Finland’s new product group-specific statistics on grocery sales.

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