UK-based Ethical Consumer magazine has warned vegans that they could be “unwittingly supporting animal exploitation” as the companies behind many of the Britain’s leading vegan brands also have a heavy involvement in the meat and dairy industry.

In a special report, the magazine – which rates business sectors usage an Ethiscore system – lists a number of well known vegan food brands with non-vegan parent.

Mackenzie Denyer a researcher from Ethical Consumer said: “It’s great that so many people are now switching to vegan diets. However this Veganuary we’re asking people to be savvy vegans and as our research has shown, recognise that not all companies selling vegan brands uphold vegan principles.”

“We’re sure that many vegans will be horrified to learn that they are unwittingly supporting the milk and dairy industries.”

“The good news is that there are many vegan brands on the shelves that have no links to animal exploitation and have been championing vegan lifestyles for many years. The bad news is that as the vegan revolution rolls on we can expect many more companies who have no interest in ending animal exploitation scramble to get a slice of the vegan market.”