GOED Publishes Consumer Guidance on Omega-3 Supplement Care

GOED has published a new web page and companion infographic to help educate consumers about how to extend the life and quality of their omega-3 supplements. The guides advise consumers to store their omega-3 products in a cool, dark place and limit the products’ exposure to air. They also explain that a mild fishy or briny smell is normal in many omega-3 supplements and not a sign of issues with safety or efficacy.

The resources also guide consumers toward products manufactured by GOED member companies, all of whom are committed to the quality standards set forth in the GOED Voluntary Monograph.

About GOED: GOED, the Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-­3s, is a trade association representing 200 companies worldwide active in the EPA and DHA omega-­3 industry. GOED’s membership includes all segments of the omega-­3 supply chain from fishing and seafood companies, to refiners, supplement manufacturers, food and beverage marketers and pharmaceutical companies. GOED’s members agree to adhere to product quality and ethical standards that are as strict or stricter than any set of regulations in the world. GOED focuses specifically on addressing the insufficient consumption of EPA and DHA in the human diet by promoting global consumption of EPA and DHA and protecting the consumer by making sure our members produce quality products.