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Brisbane-based Locako gains listing for its grass-fed collagen bars

Brisbane-based superfood brand Locako has secured a listing in 45 branches of Australian health food chain Healthy Life for its recently launched Grass Fed Collagen Bars. 

As the market for grass-fed collagen supplements has grown, so brands have begun to explore new delivery mechanisms – with convenience a key aim. 

US brands like Primal Kitchen, Foundations and Bulletproof have been early innovators of grass-fed collagen bars. Now Locako hopes to lead the charge in Australia. 

Talking to Daily Mail Australia, Locako founder and owner Ally Mellor said: “While collagen supplements have been trickling onto the market for about a year, many people still don’t know that they can take it internally, or how best to consume it for their health, so we’ve made it easy and convenient by putting a few grams of high quality grass-fed collagen into a snack bar.”

Healthy Life chief marketing officer said that the retailer was excited to be the first major Australian retail player to be stocking the new bars. “Today, the buzz is all about collagen, so that’s what we’re stocking on our shelves.”

Naturopath and Store Manager at Bondi Junction Healthy Life Charlotte Williams said there were myriad reasons to take a daily dose of collagen. “As the most abundant naturally occurring protein in our bodies, collagen is an enabler for more youthful looking and plump skin, as well as healthy hair. Collagen also promotes good joint and gut health. While our reserves of collagen decline as we age, the great news is that dietary collagen is resorbable, which means that collagen can be broken down, converted, and absorbed back into the body.”

The multiple box-ticking bars (‘gluten-free’, ‘no added sugar’, ‘paleo’, ‘protein’) contain about 10% collagen and retail at AU$4.75. 

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