A new report by The Vegan Society has found that 97% of British shoppers want more vegan-verified cosmetics and toiletries, with 91% saying that third-party vegan certification is important to them.

The Vegan Beauty Takeover report survey discovered that the majority of cosmetic shoppers (56%) would like more vegan-verified products across all cosmetic and toiletry products, while 41% want to see more vegan shampoo, conditioner and hair styling products.

A wider range of vegan toothpaste and mouthwash options were wanted by 40% and 39% would like to see more vegan deodorants. Vegan skincare and body care, such as moisturizers, toners and soap bars, are also in high demand, with 38% and 37% wanting to see more options in those categories, respectively.

The report found that the strongest demand for vegan options came from females aged 45 and over, with 71% wanting more vegan options across all cosmetic and toiletry products.

When asked if they felt confident identifying animal derived ingredients in cosmetics and toiletries, 46% did feel confident, 43% didn’t, and 11% said they weren’t sure as they never checked ingredients. However, when respondents were given real examples, only 3% correctly guessed the animal-derived ingredients often found in cosmetics and toiletries.

“The results of the survey are fantastic and prove that vegans and non-vegans alike loathe the thought of the beauty products and cosmetics they use containing cruel animal-derived ingredients,” comments The Vegan Society’s Louisianna Waring. “The number of cosmetic products we have registering with the Vegan Trademark is growing exponentially as people realise that there’s no excuse for continuing to harm animals through experiments for yet another shampoo or mascara, and are taking a stance against companies still taking part in animal exploitation.”

The full report can be downloaded here: https://tinyurl.com/2475m7fr.

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