Scandinavia’s best products and personalities in ‘green beauty’ were announced last week at a dedicated natural beauty awards ceremony at Eco Life Scandinavia – Scandinavia’s biggest event for the natural and organic trade.

Held at MalmöMässan, in Sweden on 13 November, the annual awards (in partnership with NOC Sweden) reward individuals who, in their work and/or private life have contributed to an increased use of green beauty products in Scandinavia.   This, combined with the beauty categories in the Natural & Organic Awards Scandinavia, celebrate the businesses, people and innovations that are driving the natural and organic beauty industry forward.

Voted by an expert judging panel, the winners were announced in the Natural Beauty Theatre and were presented by TV-personality Tony Irving (best known as the jury chairman from TV4’s Let’s Dance) and Rosie Greenaway, editor of Natural Beauty News and Natural Products News.

“It’s thrilling to see how the green and sustainable beauty sector is thriving, and of course the Scandinavian market is at the core of that boom.  Judging and presenting the Who’s Who in Green Beauty Scandinavia each year gives me a chance to learn more about the individuals responsible for the category’s best innovation, and it’s always such a pleasure to meet so many inspiring finalists. Congratulations to all who made this year’s list,” says Rosie Greenaway.

Rosenserien/Sweden Eco and Nurme have won top marks with visitors in the Natural Beauty Product Awards, while Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph, CEO of Rudolph Care (and host on TV2’s ‘Wild with dance’ in 2005) landed the top spot in this year’s Who’s Who in Green Beauty Scandinavia.

The judges’ comments were as follows:

“Andrea has worked hard to offer a wide range of consumer-friendly natural and organic products.  She has a lot of influence in Denmark with a credible backstory which she shares in a very open and convincing way. Her influence is incredible, and she has managed to combine luxury with organic to create a comprehensive skincare range available to consumers.”

The 2019 Who’s Who in Green Beauty Scandinavia list is:

  1. Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph, founder and CEO of Rudolph Care
  2. Agneta Elmegard, beauty blogger and journalist at Aftonbladet
  3. Pernilla Rönnberg, founder and CEO, Estelle & Thild
  4. Anne Frølund, CEO, Reanne ApS
  5. Linda Pop Pedersen, owner, Pure Shop ApS
  6. Diana Carey, CEO & Owner, NatureSource
  7. Tanja Gregersen & Tine Svendsen, co-founders, Miild AS Denmark
  8. Emma Bergqvist, founder and owner of Tree of Brands
  9. Hannah Sjöström, journalist and founder of Naturligt Snygg: The Green Beauty Shop
  10. Susanne Schou, assistant director, Helsam A/S

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As in previous years, the ‘best new product’ categories in the Natural & Organic Awards Scandinavia were voted for by visitors to Eco Life Scandinavia on opening day (13 November).  The top beauty products were then judged by leading beauty ingredients expert Dr. Hana Mušinović, regulatory and scientific manager at NATRUE.

Best New Natural Beauty Product went to Nurme for its Zero Waste Lemongrass Shampoo Bar.

Shortlisted products were:
Manilla: Triple Moisturizing Face Gel-Emulsion
OSI Magnesium: ősimagnesium CBD cream + melatonin 300mg

Best New Organic Beauty Product went to Rosenserien/Sweden Eco for its organic Men’s Deodorant.

Shortlisted products were:
Apimab Laboratoires Propolia: Facial cleansing foam “Sur mon nuage”
Uoga Uoga: Micellar Water with Hyaluronic Acid and Cranberry Extract

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