Leading green cleaning brand Ecover is pledging £500,000 (€553,000) in backing for its Fertilise the Future initiative, aimed at funding the “eco-pioneers of tomorrow”.

The Malle, Belgium-headquartered brand, says that, along with other cleaning companies, it has fared much better through the COVID-19 crisis than many others. 

That’s why the company says it is “using sing the crisis of today to help fund the sustainable start-ups and eco-pioneers of tomorrow. Because as we say in Belgium: When life gives you poop, grow flowers”. 

The new fund aims to provide financial investments to innovative ideas promoting nature-based solutions, including conservation projects, sustainable agriculture and food systems, and practical approaches that support “nature’s systemic role in sustainable development”, including nature-supporting settlements, green infrastructure  and resilient livelihoods. 

Although Fertilise the Future is an Ecover UK initiative, it is open to any Europe-based organisations that already have a proof of concept and who are looking for funding to accelerate their scale and impact.

The opening date for applications is 6th June 2020. The closing date for applications is 1st September 2020. Applications received after this time will not be considered. More information can be found here.