In just over 18 months, Internationally award-winning sustainable plaster band PATCH has expanded into 32 countries throughout Europe, the US and parts of Asia.

Described as the world’s first natural, organic bamboo plaster that is 100% compostable, PATCH plasters are said by the company to be the most sustainable commercial wound covering available.

When father-of-two and PATCH founder, James Dutton discovered his son, Charlie, had an adverse reaction to a common plaster, he quickly realised that there was a gap in the market and his son was not alone. According to research, one in four people surveyed cannot wear normal plasters due to reactions and allergies. 

“What began as a need for my young son, has now expanded to a worldwide venture. PATCH is made from the most premium and sustainable ingredients to provide a hypoallergenic, compostable and biodegradable solution to wound care, with the extra natural goodness of activated charcoal, aloe vera and coconut oil embedded in the gauze,” said Dutton. 

The plasters are made from 100% bamboo fibre, are compostable and completely plastic-free, including the packaging. The products have been documented in a video to break down into the soil in a matter of weeks. The product is made sustainably from bamboo and manufactured close to the source where the bamboo is grown. 

In April 2019, PATCH was awarded the Best New Eco Living Product at the Natural & Organic Awards Europe 2019. On the achievement, James Dutton says, “Our mission is to be the leading sustainable wound care solution product on the market. To be recognised globally alongside other eco-conscious products that support the same message is a big accomplishment.” 


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