Interview with Debora Dyskant, Horta da Terra

Tell us a bit about your company

Horta da Terra was founded in 2016 with the purpose of promoting the Amazon’s biodiversity by enabling access to the nutritional, functional and medicinal powers of our super plants to anyone on the planet. Our activities involve a network of partners to develop knowledge, technology, science and healthier relationships with all forms of life in nature. With work and passion, we developed our Nature Tech agro-industry of amazonian super ingredients cultivating Non-Conventional Food Plants (so-called PANCs), through the best practices of syntropic and regenerative agriculture.
Currently, we promote health and well-being through technology and nature, with amazonian plants that are developed without the use of pesticides.
Horta works with freeze-drying technology that allows water to be removed through sublimation, which changes directly from its solid to gaseous state. Pretty interesting, right? This technology is what keeps all of the properties (nutritional, medicinal and functional) well preserved and more concentrated in our products. It also makes our transportation and storage more practical, and expands the shelf life for decades. Therefore, we are able to combine technologies that produce super ingredients in a healthy ecosystem, regenerating nature and offering a diversity of usage for your business, through practical and simple logistics.

Tell us about your latest product(s), promotions or launches visitors can hope to see on your stand

Horta da Terra has just launched a new box containing multiple benefits for your well-being! This combo contains seven freeze-dried super plants from the Amazon Rainforest, which are açaí berry, jambú, Paracress, taioba, Arrowleaf Elephant Ear, chicória Amazônica, Culantro, ora-pro-nobis, Lemon Vine, vinagreira, False Roselle, cariru, Waterleaf.
Our purpose is to promote Amazon’s biodiversity by enabling access to the nutritional, functional and medicinal powers of our plants to anyone on the planet. Our superingredients can be used in many food and drink recipes, making everything more creative, nutritious and healthy! They can also be used as ingredients for various industry segments, such as the cosmetic, medicinal, herbal medicines and health and well-being industries.

Why is exhibiting at Natural & Organic Products Europe 2022 an unmissable opportunity for you?

The world is being transformed by advanced technologies of sustainability and agriculture, as well as by the promotion of modern foods and super ingredients, and Horta da Terra is definitely a part of this force.
The event is an unmissable opportunity for a company that has the purpose of promoting amazon’s biodiversity to anyone on the planet!
Natural and Organic Products Europe is the perfect spot for networking, knowledge acquisition and business expansion and we are sure it could make a difference to our growth. The range of opportunities will be infinite, since our products can be applied in a variety of recipes for food and drinks, creative and innovative cuisine, including supplements and functional food. They also serve cosmetic, medicinal, herbal medicines and health and well-being industries.

Find Horta da Terra on stand Q95.

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