Interview with Karolina Ba, Founder, Theenk Tea

Tell us a bit about your company

THEENK TEA was started by Karolina after her battles with depression and anxiety. After being prescribed antidepressants, which did their job but left her with some nasty side effects, she started wondering why we don’t take care of our minds in the same way we care for our bodies. Wanting to learn how to find balance in our hectic world, she embarked on a journey into the fascinating worlds of biohacking, mental well-being, and herbal remedies.

After years of experimenting with different natural ingredients and methods, together with a clinical herbalist and a nutritionist, she created THEENK TEA to help care for modern minds on a daily basis.

Our main product, currently available at Selfridges, is a 21-day herbal program consisting of three herbal blends, a program guide, a 21-day mind-balancing eating plan and a habit tracker. We also offer the individual boxes of our three award-winning blends for mornings, afternoons and evenings.

Tell us about your latest product(s), promotions or launches visitors can hope to see on your stand

Our three herbal blends were carefully designed to meet the needs of overwhelmed, modern minds. The expertly crafted blends include 12 herbal nootropics and adaptogens divided into functional blends for mornings, afternoons and evenings. Morning Glory, rise and shine! This special tea blend will wake you right up and get you perfectly ready for the day ahead. You may experience A gentle energy boost, improved mood and focused mind! Afternoon Madness, say goodbye to that midday crash and foggy mind! The herbs used in this blend will give you the superpowers you need to get you through your day! Get ready to feel energised, rejuvenated and ready to tackle that next task! Evening Delight, enjoy your evening with a warm cup of relaxing herbs that will calm your mind and prepare your body for a good night’s sleep. This blend will help you leave the day behind, reboot your brain and prepare for a fresh start in the morning.

Why is exhibiting at Natural & Organic Products Europe 2022 an unmissable opportunity for you?

We’ve launched our products a few short months before the pandemic which didn’t give us much time to get out there, meet inspiring people and showcase our products to an audience of hungry professionals seeking that next big thing in health and wellness. We know we’re that next big thing and we can’t wait for the world to hear about us. Natural and Organic Products Europe will allow us to make these crucial connections to take the brand to the next level. On top of that, we can’t wait to finally feel the buzz of a tradeshow- this is our first one ever! Make sure to come to visit us and meet the founders, try the tea and learn more about the powers of herbal adaptogens and nootropics!

Find THEENK TEA on stand Q93.

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