The Sustainable Foods Summit will showcase innovations in the sustainable and plant-based food industry. Hosted online on 24-27th January, the executive summit comprises four distinct sessions…

Sustainability Developments
Raj Patel, Author and Economist will give the opening keynote on the relationship between medicine and sustainability in the food industry. With high interest in regenerative agriculture, SCS Global Services will give details of their new certification scheme. As concerns grow of raw material inflation, some forecasts are given for organic and plant proteins: what is the pricing outlook for 2022? What factors are affecting such ingredient prices? To conclude, featured speaker will discuss innovation: how can sustainability spark innovation in the food industry? What steps can be taken to encourage sustainable innovations?

Ingredient Innovations
The surging popularity of plant-based foods is leading to a flurry of interest in new sustainable proteins. The second day of the event covers important developments, highlighting innovative new ingredients. Jaime Athos, the head of the pioneering brand Tofurky, discusses the ethical and environmental credentials of plant-based foods. Some personal insights are given into the future outlook for this expanding sector. Details are given of new and emerging sustainable proteins that can be used in plant-based foods. Aqua Cultured Foods shows how it is creating seafood alternatives made by the microbial fermentation of fungi. The session ends with a discussion on the diversity of plant-based proteins. With some concerns about monoculture, how can food diversity be encouraged? What can be done to expand the palette of plant-based proteins? What solutions can be provided by locally grown crops?

Marketing and Consumer Insights
Although sustainable and plant-based foods have become mainstream, operators are grappling with marketing issues. Competitive stakes are rising as retail shelf-space becomes crowded with sustainable and plant-based product offerings. At the same time, brands sometimes struggle in getting ethical / green messages across to consumers. This session gives marketing and consumer insights to assist operators in the sustainable food industry.

The US plant-based food market has shown accelerated growth in recent years. Julie Emmett from the Plant-Based Foods Association will present the latest market data and trends, including details of fast-growing and emerging categories. SPINS will give market data and growth trends for the natural food and ecommerce channels. Aurore de Monclin, Managing Partner of The Healthy Marketing Team will give some guidelines to brands looking to deploy effective marketing strategies. The session ends with a panel discussion on market obstacles faced by operators.

Future Trends
Although sustainability has become an integral part of the food industry, there remain questions about future developments. What developments are occurring in established sustainability schemes, new certifications, and new technologies? With so much focus on production and distribution, what can be done to encourage responsible consumption? The 4th and last day of the summit covers such developments.

Deanna Bratter from Danone, the keynote speaker, will give her perspectives on the future of sustainable foods. Danone North America is the largest certified BCorp in the food industry; it is also owner of the pioneering Whitewave and Horizon Organic brands. An update is given of the Regenerative Organic Certification scheme, followed by the role of organic in the sustainable food industry. With growing interest in plant cell technology, a case study is given of cultured chocolate. What solutions are provided by this new technology? As there are calls for a circular economy, there are questions about the pace of current developments. What can be done so the food industry closes its material loops? What is the role of new schemes like Regenerative Organic Certification and Upcycled Food Association? What about new business models? Such questions will be addressed on the final day of the summit.

About the Sustainable Foods Summit
Since 2009, the Sustainable Foods Summit has been covering sustainability issues in the food industry. The international series of summits now takes place in the major geographic regions of the world. The North American virtual edition will take place on 24-27th January (PDT time). More information is available from –

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