Stockholm-based plant-based distribution company Kale United is partnering with fast-growing Spanish start-up Heura Foods to take its products to Scandinavia. The plant based meat category is booming in Scandinavia and Heura brings to the category an innovative take on Mediterrenean cooking – and a distinctive activist brand ethic. 

The rise of veganism is one of the most important trends in retail, as consumers increasingly embrace the benefits of a meat-free diet. With 5.5% of Danes under 34 considering themselves vegan or vegetarian, and many more adopting a flexitarian diet, the market for Vegan is becoming mainstream. Sweden and Norway report similar increases, including one of Norway’s major supermarket chains reporting a 60% increase in the number of vegan products sold.  A survey from Ernst & Young found that 24% of Nordic consumers predict they will eat less meat in the next five years, primarily due to health and environmental reasons, and 34 percent of the Nordic consumers indicated that they would eat more vegetarian food.

Heura is a plant based company from Barcelona already present in eight countries around the world including Singapore and Hong Kong. This year they it has become the fastest growing European startup in the plant-based meat industry with a 460% growth.

Its success is linked to its focus on creating products that offer a holistic solution to the current food system.It has brought its Mediterranean culinary heritage to a portfolio offering the best nutritionals in the segment standing out for its short ingredients label and low fat credentials.

Kale United founder Måns Ullerstam, said: “We believe the time is right to expand the availability of plant-based products across Scandinavia. The market is longing for a great alternative to chicken. Heura Foods has what we believe the strongest product in the market right now. We love to take this to all of Scandinavia.”

Marc Coloma, CEO and co-founder of Heura added: “Global society is becoming aware of the impact of livestock and is willing to reduce their animal meat consumption. We focus on making the healthiest products in the market to assure no resignations, we offer plant based meat that takes care of what we love the most: animals, the planet, our health and our traditions. ”

Kale United is a Swedish company whose mission is to improve the availability of plant-based products and make the transition to a plant-based lifestyle as easy as possible. It is a shareholder of Heura Foods and 30 other plant-based companies. Launched in 2018 and backed by 500 shareholders, the mission is to increase the global availability and awareness of plant-based products.