About Us

Natural Products Global is a one-stop global news resource for natural and organic industry professionals. Offering a mix of original content and aggregated news from leading industry websites, NPG delivers up to date and compelling content on:

Food & Drink
Health & Nutrition
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Eco Living
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Regulation & Policy

Natural Product Global’s remit couldn’t be simpler – building a natural and organic future by connecting people and growing businesses.

Part of the Diversified family
Natural Products Global is published by Diversified Communications UK, and continues a long history of publishing in the natural and organic industry. Natural Products News, our monthly publication for the UK health food trade, has been publishing since 1993, and was founded on a commitment to independent journalism in our industry.

Diversified’s event portfolio includes Natural & Organic Products Europe (London), Nordic Organic Food Fair (Sweden), Eco Life ScandinaviaOrganic Food Iberia (Madrid), Eco Living Iberia and Naturally Good (Sydney, Australia).

In June 2020, Supplier Connect, a new global, online directory for the international natural and organic community, was launched on the NPG site, as part of a major cross-portfolio initiative by Diversified. In its first phase, Supplier Connect brings together hundreds of manufacturers, distributors and brands from the UK, Europe and around the world in a highly searchable, information rich directory that allows users to message key personnel, direct from a company’s Supplier Connect page.

Natural Products Global is aimed at professionals working in the natural, organic and eco industries around the world, and intended to inform this audience about latest developments within these sectors. It is not a consumer title. In relation to articles on health topics and conditions, please note that these are intended for information purposes only, and should not be treated as a substitute for advice from a qualified doctor or health professional.