Government ‘ignores evidence’, re-authorizes neonics

The Soil Association (SA) says the Government is ‘ignoring scientific evidence’ in issuing an ‘emergency temporary authorization’ of neonicotinoids for use on this year’s sugar beet crop. Defra says its use is to protect the yield and quality of sugar beet, which can be impacted by the spread of yellows viruses, spread by aphids. But Gareth Morgan, head of farming

Rosie Greenaway Rosie Greenaway February 7, 2023

The Eco & Organic RETAIL Awards are launched

  Se lanzan los Eco & Organic RETAIL Awards Los premios reconocen y celebran la importancia de la experiencia de

Laura Mayayo Laura Mayayo February 3, 2023

Government is ‘taking the biscuit’ says SA

A Soil Association (SA) investigation has revealed that the NHS Food Scanner app has been recommending ultra-processed junk food to families despite its link to life-threatening health risks. The SA says the NHS Food scanner app – marketed as a tool to help consumers make healthier choices – has been describing biscuits, fizzy drinks, instant noodles, cakes, chocolate puddings and

Rosie Greenaway Rosie Greenaway February 2, 2023

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Natural Products News’ spotlight series

Natural Products News shines a spotlight on a handful of the latest

Jane Wolfe Jane Wolfe January 24, 2023

Discovery Bundle from Cytoplan supports wellbeing journey

New from Cytoplan comes the Discovery Bundle, designed to support people at

Jane Wolfe Jane Wolfe January 20, 2023

Shiitake: excellent protector against cancer

El hongo shiitake (Lentinula edodes) es la seta más popular del mundo.

Bio Eco Actual Bio Eco Actual January 20, 2023
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