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  • Europe

    Danish drug store chain Matas launches Green concept stores

     June 7, 2018  Jim Manson

    Leading Danish drug store chain Matas is opening two new stores under the sub-brand Matas Natur in September 2018. The new Grey concept stores will specialise in health foods and natural and beauty and personal care products. 

  • Health and Nutrition

    “Unavoidable” antimicrobial linked to colon cancer development

     June 6, 2018  Jim Manson

    US scientists at the University of Massachusetts Amherst have shown that the “practically unavoidable” antimicrobial ingredient triclosan, found in hand soaps, toothpastes and  other personal care products, could have adverse effects on colonic inflammation and colon cancer by altering gut microbiota.

  • Agriculture

    Gove praised for making ‘critical link’ between food systems and healthy diets

     May 3, 2018  Jim Manson

    The UK environment secretary, Michael Gove, won praise this week from the chief executive of the Sustainable Food Trust (SFT), Patrick Holden, for being “the first minister to accept the critical link between sustainable food systems and healthy diets”. 

  • Europe

    Synthetic versus natural debate fuelled by ‘fake dichotomy’

     April 26, 2018  Jim Manson

    The debate that pitches natural  – or food state – vitamins against synthetic versions is based on a “fake dichotomy”, a prominent figure from the UK supplements industry has claimed. 

  • Asia

    Global microalgae leader Algatech invests in New Zealand’s Supreme Health

     April 3, 2018  Jim Manson

    Israel-based microalgae specialist Algatechnologies Ltd (Algatech) has taken a controlling stake in New Zealand’s Supreme Health, to supply China and Asia-Pacific with astaxanthin and other algae-based products.


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