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Keep it keto: Vitamin Shoppe opens 800 ‘Keto HQ’ store-in-stores

US health food retailer Vitamin Shoppe has launched  KETO HQ, a shop within its stores and on its website providing education and specialized product assortments dedicated to people  living the ‘ketogenic (keto) lifestyle’.

Keto, a high-fat, low carbohydrate diet that promotes a variety of claimed benefits including weight management, cognitive performance and energy, has become increasingly popular among health and wellness enthusiasts.

“Similar to many health and wellness options, the Keto diet requires expert insight, knowledge and resources in order to be successful,” says Dave Mock, executive vice president – chief merchandising and marketing officer at The Vitamin Shoppe. “With KETO HQ, we aim to be a trusted advisor to our customers who have embraced the Keto lifestyle, which can be complex at times, by providing them with guidance from highly knowledgeable resources and the products to aid them on their journey.”

Dr. Josh Axe, a long-time advocate for the Keto lifestyle, author of Keto360 and founder of his own line of Keto supplements, he will be a key advisor by providing monthly expert tips to customers looking to adopt the popular keto diet into their own wellness routine. “I am thrilled to partner with The Vitamin Shoppe on our co-mission to support the health of millions of people using the Keto diet,” he said.

Located in nearly 800 The Vitamin Shoppe stores and online at, KETO HQ will house supplements and snacks from a variety of brands that meet the specific needs of the keto diet including, Ancient Nutrition, KetoLogic, Sparta Nutrition, Bulletproof, Ketologie and more.

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