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Meeting ‘challenging’ 25%-organic-by-2030 goal will require collective will, EU officials say

Achieving the ambitious 25%-organic-by-2030 goal called by the European Union’s Farm to Fork strategy will require a concerted EU-wide effort, and the collective will of all Member States, senior officials agreed yesterday.

We won’t sell it: Waitrose ups the ante in fight against lower-welfare US food...

The newly installed boss at UK supermarket Waitrose has added to a chorus of calls from farmers, consumer groups and food campaigners urging the British Government not to accept lower food safety and welfare standards as the price of striking a post-Brexit trade deal with the US. 

European Organic Congress brings industry and policy-makers together at pivotal moment

The European Organic Congress, which takes place on 1-3 July 2020 as a digital event this year, will bring together farmers, industry experts and...

Reusable containers safe during Covid-19 pandemic, 100-strong group of scientists insist

More than 100 scientists from around the world this week signed a statement to reassure the public that reusable containers are safe during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Unilever pledges €1bn to accelerate eco strategy, Greenpeace decries ‘empty PR exercise’

Anglo-Dutch multinational Unilever has announced a series of new environmental measures and commitments designed, it says, to fight climate change, regenerate nature and preserve resources.

Contactless coffee: Better Food partners with City to Sea to revive reusables

Bristol-based Better Food Company is partnering with plastic pollution non-profit City to Sea on a #ContactlessCoffee initiative that is enabling the organic, local and ethical retailer to create a safe way to revive the use of reusables. 

Green Brexit ‘hangs in the balance’ Soil Association warns

The UK Government’s pledge to deliver a ‘Green Brexit’ now “hangs in the balance”, the Soil Association has warned. 

Counting carbon: Swedish livestock farmer shows gulf in CO2 emissions between organic and intensive...

Amid the debate on the impact of agriculture on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is a heated argument about the contribution of meat and dairy farming, which often lacks nuance and leads to simplistic conclusions. 

Plastic’s back: Industry uses pandemic fears to mount attack on zero-waste movement

Public fear around the COVID-19 pandemic is helping the the plastics industry mount an attack against the zero-waste movement, US campaigners and commentators are warning. 

Delay new Organic Regulation while industry deals with COVID-19, IFOAM EU urges Commission

IFOAM EU is calling on the European Commission, Council and Parliament to consider delaying the new EU Organic Regulation for a year.

Switch to home delivery helps Spanish organic businesses thrive in Covid crisis

Local and organic food sales have tripled in parts of Spain during the Covid-19 crisis, reports the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia. 

Food without farmers: Is this the future we want?

A special digital discussion next week will ask the question 'could the future of food be without farmers - and is this the future we want?'.

Meet the Bolivian company backing hundreds of organic quinoa farmers, and helping to feed...

Michael Wale meets with the CEO of the Bolivian company turning highly sought after organic ‘Royal Quinoa’ into an international export success story. 

Takeaway is the best way, says plant-based packaging specialist Vegware

Vegware – the global specialist in plant-based catering disposables – has rapidly reconfigured its business operation to meet high demand for takeaway packaging. 

Comparisons between organic and conventional agriculture need to be better, say researchers

The environmental effects of agriculture and food are hotly debated. But the most widely used analysis model overlooks vital factors and can lead to incorrect conclusions on the merits of intensive and organic agriculture.