UK-based ethical beauty and personal care brand Faith in Nature says it is switching to ocean-bound plastic packaging across its core range.

Previously, Faith in Nature’s recycled plastic for its 400ml bottles came from reground yoghurt pots. Ocean-bound reclaimed plastic is collected from rivers and streams to prevent it specifically from entering the ocean. The plastic is collected by poverty affected communities who earn instant payment for their efforts. Over time, these communities have opportunities to become organised operations which can grow to aggregation sites, and long term become factory level recyclers.  By working in this way, Faith in Nature says it is able to reduce plastic waste and transform lives by offering economic and social benefits to communities.

The company is sourcing its ocean plastic through the Prevented Ocean Plastic (POP) scheme, with the majority of its POP resin coming from Indonesia.

A company spokesperson said: “By sourcing plastic that has already had a lifespan, we are preventing it from reaching the ocean in the first place, all while cleaning up existing pollution and preventing any future contamination to the environment, therefore closing the loop on plastic waste.”

Faith in Nature’s new bottles will now look a little different to the familiar grey-tinged packs. Ocean-bound recycled plastic takes its colour from its former life, and no two will be the exactly same.

Faith in Nature has been a leader in the sutainable beauty movement since it was founded in 1974 by natural beauty pioneer Rivka Rose.  An early pioneer of ‘green’ cosmetics, the company has been using 100% recycled and recyclable bottles since 1999, saving 340 tonnes of plastic from landfill, along with introducing a ‘zero-plastic’ soap and shampoo bar range.