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Spanish start-up scoops Best Better-For-You Ingredient Award for Tritordeum Mediterranean cereal

Spanish start-up Agrasys won the first award in the category Best Better-for-You Ingredient of the Year for its Tritordeum cereal at the recent Food Matters Live Awards 2018 in London.

Tritordeum is a new Mediterranean cereal developed to offer benefits for the farmer, the consumer and the environmen. It is being positioned as a healthy alternative to wheat because of its nutritional, agronomical and organoleptic benefits. Its grain is suitable for a wide range of cereal-based foods and beverages (including bread, biscuits, pasta, pizza and beer).

Agrasys managing director Pilar Barceló collected the iconic trophy on behalf of the company, together with Verónica Guerra, communication and marketing manager. “This is very important recognition for our cereal and the best letter of introduction for our entry to the UK market”, said Pilar Barceló at the ceremony.

“With the award, Tritordeum has been recognised as a new ingredient that makes a significant difference in terms of environmental, nutritional and social impact”, explained the communication and marketing manager.

In comparison to wheat, Tritordeum has high levels of dietary fibre with positive effects on cardiovascular health; 10 times more lutein – an antioxidant involved in eye health that protects the retina from UV light and the effects of aging; and more unsaturated fatty acids like oleic acid, considered a central pillar of the Mediterranean diet. Furthermore, it has more digestible gluten.

According to new scientific research, Tritordeum has a significant reduction in gluten proteins associated with food intolerances in comparison with wheat. Although it does contain gluten and thus is not suitable for coeliac sufferers, it can be an alternative cereal to those who want to reduce their gluten intake or for persons with Non-Coeliac Gluten Sensitivity.

Advocates say that Tritordeum products are characterized by excellent organoleptic properties: sweet flavour, pleasant aroma and an attractive golden colour (due to the lutein content).

Tritordeum is already used in products available in nine countries, including Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland, Turkey, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands. Dutch supermarket chain Albert Heijn has recently launched Tritordeum bread in some 720 shops.

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