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Russia to stage first dedicated organic trade show

The first dedicated organic trade show to be staged in Russia will take place in February 2019, in the form of a salon at Prodexo (11-15 February 2019, Expocenter, Moscow), the country’s leading international exhibition for food, beverages and food raw materials.

Prodexpo 2018 demonstrated Russia’s increasing export potential in the food industry, especially in the meat, dairy, cheese, winemaking and confectionery sectors. High figures were also shown by Russian manufactures of pasta and cereals.

Foreign companies meanwhile see Prodexpo as a gateway to the Russian consumer market. The 20128 event attracted many overseas delegations, with high level representations coming from Europe and South America. 

2018 was also the year Russia enacted its first organic law, signed by president Putin in August. The law will be full implemented by January 2020. To support Russias growing organic movement, Prodexpo has taken a decision to establish its first organic salon.

Prodexpo Organic 2019 will feature:

– Organic products and brands that comply with organic standards

– A practical conference on the theme ‘Organics in retail

– Competition for for the Best Organic Product.

Prodexpo’s organiser has recruited organic publisher and brand owner Tatiana Lebedeva (editor-in-chief, info portal) to advise on and curate the Prodexpo Organic event. She has created a set if special criteria for exhibitors.

Selection criteria for participation at PRODEXPO Organic

1. A company applying to participate at PRODEXPO Organic guarantees at least 70% of its products showcased at Prodexpo have an organic certificate valid through February 2019.

2. Copies of organic certificates for production, processing, supply and/or sale of organic products must be attached to the application for participation in Prodexpo Organic.

3. Products can be considered organic only if they have certificates issued according to the following standards:

  • all international organic standards included in the IFOAM Family of Standards: EU Organic Regulation, USDA Organic, JAS, etc., including biodynamic standards,
  • Russian national standard GOST 56508-2015, but only if the certificate is issued by an accredited certification authority in accordance with GOST 57022-2016,
  • Russian private systems of certification: Chistye Rosy. BIO, Listok Zhizni. Organic.

To the date the leading local organic producers have already confirmed their participation. Companies are certified according to EU law (Arivera, etc.), Russian national organic standard (Ugleche Pole) and private standards will present their produce. The first and only Russian organic vodka (Chistye Rosy) is also creating its pavilion (including a bar). And a number of international participants have already confirmed their presence.

Prodexpo Organic-2019 invites international participants to take part in the inaugural event.

A few facts on Prodexpo

1. Prodexpo has a successful 25-years story in food trade shows

2. Prodexpo-2018 was visited by 61 971 people, 87% of them were involved in wholesale purchasing decision making.

3. Prodexpo team is very interested in making a respectable organic showcase which adheres to high standards. The stands of all Prodexpo Organic exhibitors, who conform to all requirements, will be showcased in a separate sector and have a special sign. The selection of exhibitors is made in accordance with the above mentioned criteria.

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  1. Paul de Rooij November 13, 2018 at 1:17 pm #

    Its a pity that this exhibition is at the same time as the BIofach 2019, 13-16 February 2019



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