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Fresh Statistics – Organic sales increase in Sweden

Sales of organic food and drink in Swedish retail grew by 340 million SEK during 2020. This equates to an increase of 3.5%, shows new statistics from Nielsen. 

The new sales statistics show – as opposed to previous assessments – that sales of organic food and drink in fact increased during 2020. There was significant growth in Swedish organic, as well as KRAV-certified products. Growth per organic category according to Ekologiska Lantbrukarna’s new report “Svenskt Ekoindex“:

  • Grains, flour & bread: +12.2 %
  • Beef: +4.8 %
  • Eggs: + 3.5 %
  • Chicken: +6.4 %
  • Dairy: – 1.9 %

Although sales of conventionally grown food have increased significantly in retail during the corona pandemic, the organic category has been slower. One important factor to note is that supermarkets have been promoting organic food less in their stores. Another reason for the slower growth has been attributed to a new focus on local, vegan/vegetarian, Swedish and locally grown as opposed to organic.

Industry association Organic Sweden has commented that this new shift in trends does not have to compete with each other. Food can be vegetarian, Swedish, locally grown and organic, all the same time. The retail industry has to change its attitude towards what aspects and values they promote towards consumers. By telling the whole story of the production of organic; biodiversity, topsoil, clean water, animal welfare and foods without additives, more consumers would choose to buy more organic. Read the full story.

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